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Hi, my name is layo, a certified Holistic Nutritional therapist, wife to a special man and mom to two lovely kids.

For years I struggled with acne and when motherhood came into the picture, it got worse because like many moms out there I shifted attention to starting a family, taking care of the home and putting everyone and everything first before myself.

As a result, I also struggled with fatigue, stress, mood swings, weight gain. Woke up one day, looked into the mirror which for the better part of being a mom isn’t my favorite thing as I didn’t like who I saw in it, well on this day I looked into the mirror and decided right there something, anything must be done.

I got into intensive research, hoping to nail the ‘solution’, and I did! Acne wasn’t the problem, in fact, Fatigue, stress, mood swings, weight gain weren’t the problem all along.


This discovery wasn’t one I was ready to let go (no way!). I was determined to put all these puzzles together by making necessary lifestyle adjustments. As a result, I realized somethings began to change, I felt in control of my body despite my “busy-ness” as a Mom.


Do you crave sugar often, feel tired just after waking up all you want to do is fix yourself a coffee, lack the energy for the next second or struggle to lose weight, Dull skin? Digestive issues? Well, my friend, I know that feeling.

Can we work around the “stress” associated with motherhood and change the “look” of motherhood (aka mom-look)? My short, sweet and optimistic answer is, YES.


Aha! The culprit is our Hormones.

There is a connection between our Hormones and the above symptoms. Hormones do not just disturb us once a month, when they are out of whack, they can disrupt our health and weight. Causes for hormonal imbalances include inflammation, genetic susceptibility, poor gut health, high amounts of stress and toxicity.

Hormones in themselves aren’t evil, but they can be working against our energy levels, ability to enjoy life throughout our whole circle, mood swings and our cravings. Our whole Biology is built on Hormones, that is how crucial they are.

Ever since my discovery and personal experience living a Healthy lifestyle, my passion is to help moms who struggle with hormonal imbalance here on Thrive In-Out, so they can discover how to relieve the fatigue, regain their energy and thrive from the inside-out through Clean Eating and Learning ways to get rid of toxins in and around their bodies.

I believe in a Natural approach to wellness and to balance hormones that way we need to include eating an anti-inflammatory diet, getting good sleep, consuming enough omega-3s, controlling stress, exercising and a deliberate decision to continue eating “Clean”.

Thrive In-Out is my “pretty large” virtual home where I focus on Clean Eating, Wellness, and Detox. I am always pleased to host as many Thriving moms as possible, all day, every day.

On Thrive In-Out I will be sharing:

  • Clean Eating ideas and Recipes
  • How to cleanse your body by Detoxing
  • In-depth wellness information
  • How what you drink, eat, breathe and put on your skin have an overall impact on health
  • How to detect hormone imbalance symptoms and signs to look out for when your body and mind don’t feel right.



I believe in progress over perfection, I know you want to get your “groove” back desperately, you want to have more energy, you want to feel beautiful in your clothes again, wish to have the time to hit the gym or a yoga class often, have an uninterrupted time with your partner, etc.

Relax. It will happen because this time around you aren’t clueless about what to do with the help of Thrive In-Out. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as there will be good days and some not so cool days.

Don’t expect some magic to happen “just like that”, you are on a path that makes a whole lot of sense, don’t give up, keep moving, Keep It So Simple (K.I.S.S) one day at a time.


As we shift to a clean eating lifestyle and make healthy adjustments for ourselves, I will love to chip this in – I believe Moms can help the growing generation.

It starts by being great examples to our kids in our homes so they can grow up to make healthy choices as adults and make that shift towards ultimate wellness.


You are on this path for yourself and by extension your family, please don’t compare your journey with someone else’s, its ok to learn one or two things from others.

We all have different needs, if at first something doesn’t work out for you, don’t be discouraged, try another approach, be positive and continue to figure the right thing that suits you and your family best.

Here’s something I will love you to do now,
1. Sign in Below to join my Thriving Moms’ Digest
2. Send an email to support@thriveinout.com and list three wellness struggles that you are going through.

Doing the above will help me serve you better.

Its been a pleasure chatting with you so far, I hope by now you do not feel like a stranger here my friend, to make your “stay” on Thrive In-Out a lovely memorable one, I suggest you take a tour around this blog.

Can you guess your tour- guide? Me! Let’s have some fun.


Be Healthy, Be Happy

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  1. Damola June 7, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Hi Layo, really inspired with this piece.
    Kudos to you!

    1. Layo - Site Author June 8, 2018 at 4:35 am

      Thanks for your lovely comment, have a look around to see what you can pick from and oh I do welcome suggestions/feedbacks. Xx


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